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Domenico Casella
Hailing from Florence, Domenico Casella has brought over his amazing Italian flair to the UK.

Domenico, who has worked in the industry for almost 15 years, has pioneered his “Hybrid Hair” also known as Shatush; a free hand technique using only a cone and his hands; which colours only the hair which would naturally be ‘kissed’ by the sun. Similar to balayage, Shatush is extremely soft and creates the subtlest results. Domenico has created the perfect colour service for those wishing to add dimension to their hair.

With a passion for organic colouring techniques and organic treatments for hair care, Domenico only uses the best quality products, which is why he has partnered with Philip Martin’s to be one of their UK ambassadors. With his natural approach, Domenico has introduced Henna 2.0 – a new way to tone hair, treat for moisture and shine and highlight using your own natural greys. The Philip Martin’s henna product helps give depth to the hair’s natural shades, and is used on greys, creating the most natural looking highlights, working with the greys, not against them like traditional colourists might.

Casella is known for steering away from tools, using his fingers to not only apply colour but to create the most natural looking blowdry, known to his clientele as the fingertip blowout, using just his hands and a hairdryer! By using his fingertips and hands to apply the colour, this enables him to delicately place colour whereas a brush stroke can have a more pronounced effect. Domenico likes working with his hands as he is more in control with the sensitivity of the hair.

As well as being a colour whizz, Domenico is a stylist and session stylist, and has worked alongside some of the biggest names in the fashion industry including Nadia Swarovski, global heads of Condènast, Tania Fares, Juliet Angus, Sira Pevida, Lily Jean Bridger, Ana Beatriz Barros El Chiaty, and many more. Domenico regularly travels across the globe tending to the tresses of his international clients in the likes of Athens, Saint Tropez and Saudi Arabia. He also is a regular at Paris Haute Couture where he has worked with designers Celia Kritharioti and Julien Fournié.